Raza & Dehesa

1 Raza & Dehesa

Meats / Hamburguers

Raza & Dehesa can supply you with cuts of raw meat to take away, or you might care to sample them on the spot, grilled and served with an exclusive sauce. Come to Raza & Dehesa and enjoy the pleasure of eat.

La Salmoreteca

2 La Salmoreteca


Explore the exciting world of salmorejo (akin to gazpacho, but thicker) at La Salmoreteca. Chef Juanjo Ruiz and his team take us on a tour from the oldest and most traditional salmorejos to the most surprising and original. You’ll also find Tortilla de Senén Spanish omelettes and a wide range of eggs, including goose and ostrich eggs. And to drink? Try traditional tinto de verano and sangria, with an original twist.


3 Funghi

Fusión de cocina italiana y cordobesa

Funghi, a brand new Italian stall where all dishes on offer have been prepared the traditional way. Sharing a pizza with your loved ones means happy times together:  guaranteed! But if the shared pizza -even its base- is prepared the traditional way and cooked in a stone oven, the joy will be absolute, thanks to the unique taste and texture of Funghi pizzas. But remember: not only will you find pizzas here, but also a wide array of fresh pasta dishes, like marinara tagliatelle, 3-cheese ravioli or carbonara spaghetti.


4 Mexx


Straight from Mexico comes this selection of the most mouth-watering dishes of traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. Natural, top-quality ingredients combined with real cooking enable you to savour the authentic taste of Mexico.

    Crazy Potato

    5 Crazy Potato

    Baked Potatoes

    Crazy Potato is the place to find the freshest baked potatoes, accompanied by the most varied and delicious garnishes. Choose the filling you most fancy for this typically-British dish.

    La Quesería

    6 La Quesería


    An extremely varied selection of Spanish cheeses and a wide range of Córdoba cheeses await you at La Quesería. Mixed cheese-boards, cheese concoctions… ideally accompanied by a glass of fine wine at La Vinoteca.

    Steep yourself in the fascinating world of wine at La Vinoteca. With 88 to choose from, you’re sure to find the right wine for every occasion. Enjoy some of the 55 varieties available by the glass or one of the 62 geographical designations of origin.


    7 Flamenqura


    Ready to eat or take away. A traditional dish of our cuisine with infinite combinations, delicious all of them.

    Mil Sabores

    9 Mil Sabores

    Fruits / Vegetables / Chicken

    The healthiest produce is on offer at Mil Sabores. Here you can buy fruit and vegetables by weight, or try such delicious dishes as vegetable tempura, ratatouille with eggs, spicy fried potatoes, mushroom and cheese meatballs, mushroom and apple burgers and plenty more. And to keep you going at any time, try our home-made juice and ice creams, all made from pure fruit.

    La Medina

    12 La Medina

    Brochetas / Foie

    En La Medina ofrecemos deliciosos pinchitos morunos y las brochetas más innovadoras y variadas. Además puedes disfrutar de tres tipos de foie: de pato, de pato al vino dulce o de pato con arándanos acompañados de diferentes mermeladas (frambuesa, melocotón, ciruela, albaricoque y naranja).

    La Tranquera

    13 La Tranquera

    Argentinian cuisine

    La Tranquera is the Argentine corner of the Mercado Victoria: empanada pasties made with meat, chicken or oxtail, or cheese, tomato and basil; imported meat cut in the traditional Argentine way, to eat in or take home; chorizo criollo sausages and black pudding. To drink, a typical Quilmes beer; and for dessert, dulce de leche pancakes and sweet biscuits.

    La pescadoteca

    14 La pescadoteca

    Fish / Seafood

    Environmental protection is behind the philosophy of this food stall. For that reason, only seasonal and sustainable produce is used. What the sea provides and what the fish market provides. Their official supplier Pablo Lopez (from local fishmonger's Pescaderías Pablo) is in charge of selecting the best fish every morning at daybreak. Chef Juanjo Ruiz works over the menu, dressings, cooking times, and the design of the most delicious and flavourful dishes with a key ingredient of our cuisine: Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The latest methods, produce, and emotion are available both at the market and for takeaway all year round.


    15 COVAP

    Iberian products

    Life isn’t measured in minutes at the COVAP stand, but in moments of pleasure: unique, unrepeatable moments courtesy of the finest produce from the Pedroches Valley, covered by the COVAP cooperative’s guarantee from farm to fork.


    16 O´Pulpiño

    Octopus specialities

    Discover the best of Galician cuisine at O´Pulpiño. Do not miss the region´s crown jewel: Galician grilled octopus. O´Pulpiño´s philosophy is based on produce authenticity and careful preparation. Our octopuses are alive, and customers can follow the complete ritual of octopus cooking, cutting, and presentation. The whole process is made as Galician tradition demands. Other typical Galician dishes are also on the menu, such as Padron hot fried peppers, scallops, seafood rice, meat and cod empanadas, lacón (pork), and many others.
    Sojo Mercado

    18 Sojo Mercado

    Premium Bar

    The best atmosphere, whether by day or night, is to be found at Sojo Mercado. Cocktails, imported drinks and the best music on the market’s various open-air terraces. Singled out as one of the best bars in the world by the prestigious magazine, Condé Nast Traveler.


    19 Panea

    Bread / Cake / Coffee & Tea / Ice Cream

    Panea is the place to head at breakfast time, coffee time or for elevenses. Coffees, teas and infusions are available, as well as milkshakes and soft drinks, accompanied by the finest pastries. You can also buy the best freshly-made bread.

    Ostras & Mallorca

    20 Ostras & Mallorca

    Oysters / Wine and French Champagne

    Treat yourself at Ostras&Mallorca: not just the best oysters, served with sparkling French champagne, but also the best Mallorcan specialities, straight from the Balearic Isles, such as spicy sausage and “frito mallorquín”, a local delicacy consisting of fried meat, offal and vegetables. As well as the most original pickles and hand-cured olives with different fillings: Cabrales cheese, anchovies, Manchego cheese, grilled pepper... Come treat yourself!
    Bocaíto Andalusí

    20 Bocaíto Andalusí

    Arabian Cuisine

    Now you can find the best arab food in our new stall, Bocaíto Andalusí.

    Hummus, falafel, tabulé, babaganouj, taktouka, harira, teas and sweets…

    Come and taste it!

    Enjoy the best European brews at Mercado Victoria.

    22 Cruzcampo

    Beer / Soft Drinks

    The market’s two bars await with the coldest Cruzcampo beer. The Cruzcampo Glacial system ensures an optimum temperature of 0-2º C, while the Orión system serves up beer tasting like it’s just been brewed, because it is stored at the same cold temperature from the moment it leaves the brewery.